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Common Security Threats Online

A student recently returned a borrowed laptop to the school where I work, and the first thing I noticed about it was that he had taped over the camera lens. When I asked him about it, he said, “people on the internet can watch you when you are online.” I was a bit shocked and then alarmed to hear him say that. And it got me thinking about the common security threats we face online every day.


The most every day for internet users is a virus popping up when they least suspect it. Every time I download something from the internet, I double and triple check the source of the file because I’ve had my fair share of computer viruses. The most recent form of a virus that is scaring the pants off people, however, is the Ransomware viruses. These type of viruses hold your computer “hostage” until you pay to have it released. When I first started using a computer in the early 90s the only thing I had to worry about was a trojan virus – aptly named because it snuck in on an email and attacked your computer. Viruses don’t always destroy computers though; for example, a friend of mine installed a virus on our co-worker’s computer and every time he hit the spacebar on his laptop, the CD-ROM tray popped open on his computer. It was harmless fun, but internet viruses are far from fun. While the virtual private network may be a good solution in case you have this issue often. 


There are three types of hackers that are making their way around the internet today: white hat hacker, black hat hacker, and grey hat hacker. White and grey hat hackers are not really anything to be too concerned about: they are curious individuals who just “want to see what will happen if…” Grey hackers do walk a fine line though and can cross over into more “black hat” territory sometimes because they will hack a system and then charge the company money to fix it, intending to show them weak spots in their security. Black hat hackers are often malicious hackers that intend to corrupt or steal information from individuals and companies.


Staying Safe Online

So what about that camera that stares me in the eye when I am working on my laptop? And what about that student who remarked I should be careful with what I am doing online because “they are watching”? It turns out, it’s not all hocus-pocus anymore. There have been countless stories laying claim to the notion of “being watched” or having had their computer software hacked. There’s also talk of mobile phone cameras being accessed without our knowledge. The best ways to stay safe online are to maintain your anti-virus software programs, and to continually change your passwords. Don’t be careless with your information. There are people who want it and can get it if they want it badly enough. Stay safe out there.


The Top 3 Reasons Why People Should Use A VPN

VPN’s are widely used these days. We all know that it’s convenient and very useful. Some people refuse to accept the significant benefits of using VPN’s. They are skeptical about the utilization of this modern technology. There should be no reason for everyone not to use VPN as a tool. Let me provide you the best reasons why every individual should use it.

  1. Anonymity


The internet has provided a lot of opportunities to people. Even to those who want to use it to take advantage of others. It created a new perspective whereas even our personal information is vulnerable. VPN can provide anonymity to the users to be off the grid to the prying eyes of the public. Make sure you choose VPN provider that keeps no logs of your internet activities.

  1. Access to Geo-Restricted Contents

Access to Geo-Restricted Contents


We know that there are websites that are restricted based on the location of its server. Some of us have limited access to those sites that are only available to other countries. It may sound unfair that there are things that we can’t learn based on the geological location. Overseas VPN is the answer to that. It can grant you access to those sites that are only available to certain countries.

  1. Be secured even when you’re using a public Wi-Fi

Be secured even when you’re using a public Wi-Fi

Wherever we go, there are signs that we always see posted on different establishments. They are advertising free Wi-Fi, and since we can’t help ourselves because the internet has been part of our daily lives, we indulge and connect through their server. If we use public Wi-Fi, people who are also connected to the same server can easily hack your info. The question is how to secure yourself from hackers when so many a playing this dirty game. If you use VPN’s, it provides protection even if you are out to the public also there are some other options to increase your security, but VPN is one of the most popular options.

Using VPN is good to help people secure their personal information. If all of us use it, we can all avoid cases of hacking and identity theft to name a few.

private proxy

5 Advantages You Can Get If You’re Using A Private Proxy

Using private proxies are hot in the market. It’s widely used for marketing and creating traffic for business purposes. You can find a lot of offers for as low as $1 to 1 Proxy server. It comes in handy most especially to some businesses. Here are the advantages you can get if you use a private proxy. Check them out and decide if it’s time for you to get some proxies for yourself.

  1. Discrete

A private proxy gives you the advantage to be discrete for the things you don’t want people to know. It hides the IP address from your server. You can be untraceable. We are all guilty that there are times that we don’t want other people to know about the things we do. Getting a private proxy is the best thing to do so.

  1. Protection

You will be immune to cyber hackers, and you will be assured that your personal information is always protected.

  1. Internet Speed

You can enjoy high-speed internet connection if you’re using private proxies. It’s due to uncapped bandwidth released for the usage of these proxies.

  1. Secured Banking transaction

The advanced technology made it possible for us to use the web even with our monetary transactions. During this time, hackers are on alert waiting for prey. If you’re using a private proxy, banking transactions remain secure and out of sight from those hackers.

  1. IP address changes

Yes, changing the IP address can be done. Every month if you want to have the IP address changed, all you need to do is just send a request to the provider. By doing this, you can mislead anyone who is trying to make a move on your confidential information.

We should all remember that the private proxies are there to ensure our online security. No one wants to let other people see our dirty laundry, right? We offer you world class service for VPN and private proxies, check our packages.

best vpn provider

4 Things to Look for When You’re Trying To Find the Best VPN Provider

VPN is a very useful tool that everyone should consider using. The hard part is when you are trying to find a credible VPN provider where you can entrust your information. It’s not easy most especially these days where people who commit cyber-crimes are very rampant. Let me give you some advice. Here are some pointers that you need to look for if you’re trying to find a VPN provider that can be trusted.

  1. Offshore host

In the cyber world, there is such a thing called the five eyes. It represents the five countries namely United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you want to get the right provided, the host should not be in any of these countries if you want to be completely off the grid. Don’t confuse server locations with jurisdiction, for example NordVPN has VPN for Canada but their jurisdiction is in Panama so it’s still out of scope of the five eyes.

  1. There should be no logs

Most of VPN providers advertise that they don’t have logs, but that is not entirely accurate. If you are the one who will get the service, make sure that you have that clarified. The thing about logs is that if they keep records of the things that you do, your information will be saved on their servers. We all know that is risky.

  1. Updated encryption

It is essential that the encryption provided is always up to date. I will not recommend any provider if they have encryptions that are less than OpenVPN with 2048 bit. Some services have start offering double VPN protection which is especially relevant in UK.

  1. Anonymous payments

A VPN provider that can be trusted should be able to accept anonymous payments like Bit Coins or Dodge Coins. If they only accept payments through Credit and Debit Card, that’s a no go. Even PayPal payments are not advisable. Your data will be saved and can be at risk.

Be cautious when you’re trying to find a company you can trust. It’s your information that will be at risk.

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